Human Resources and Capacity Building

human resources sector works to maximize employee performance in serving the holding company and its subsidiaries strategic goals through continuous development of the capabilities and competencies of employees and providing support for all human resources activities to improve the performance of employees.

Human resources sector works to provide qualification and training based on job competencies. So that employees can perform the required tasks according to standards that are acquired through training provided by the holding company and its subsidiaries.

Supporting work systems to enable all functional levels for develop their managerial and leadership skills through job succession programs and leadership administrative programs that work to build a second grade qualified to fill administrative positions at all levels.

Main tasks

organizational planning
career path planning
Recruitment systems management
performance appraisal management system
HR system procedures and regulations
Building and upgrading the capabilities and competencies of employees

Strategic Goals

Management and follow-up human resource development
Develop workers to reach a high level of skills to perform current work and deal with future variables
Maintaining qualified and trained workers in order to face current and future challenges

HR support


  • Developing human resources systems in the holding company and its subsidiaries.
  • Optimal use of the efficiency and capabilities of the human element.
  • Attracting and selecting human resources capable of achieving the goals.

work systems

  • Job competencies framework (recruitment – job description – performance appraisal).
  • Adopted leadership and non-leadership recruitment procedures.
  • Studying the workload and setting job decisions for all sectors/public departments in the holding company and its subsidiaries.
  • Implementation of the annual performance management system based on the objectives and job competencies.
  • Automating human resources activities to keep pace with digital transformation.

Career Path

It is qualification and training system based on competencies (knowledge, skills, and behaviors) in order to raise the efficiency of work performance in the holding company and its subsidiaries by upgrading the human factor and to preserve the investments that make up these facilities.

The general objective of the general administration of career planning

Develop a skilled workforce capable of learning and responding to the changes that occur in the work environment, now and in the future.

work systems

  • Functional tasks analysis (Functions analysis) to reach the most important competencies (skills – knowledge – behaviors) that must be available to workers in the drinking water and sanitation sector.
  • Determining the competency standards required for workers in the drinking water and wastewater sector (Competence Standards)
  • Preparing standard training packages based on competencies and unifying them in all affiliated companies to ensure the quality of training.
  • Preparing evaluating bases for employees according to standard training and linking promotion to passing training.
  • Qualification and accreditation of trainers

the target

All employees high and medium qualifications in the holding company and its subsidiaries


Objectives for the Training General department in the Holding Company

  • Develop methodological and strategic frameworks to guide training in improving and refining the skills of employees, scientifically and practically, to contribute to achieving the strategic objectives of the holding company and its subsidiaries.
  • Working on identifying the training needs for all sectors and ending with an training effectiveness impact evaluation.
  • Improving training centers infrastructure and using the latest technological methods for implementation specialized programs.
  • Qualifying leaders and the second line is a research that can be relied upon increasing the productivity of the company.
  • Providing specialized training services to the children of workers and civil society organizations with the aim of community participation.

Training general departmen main tasks

  • Planning, management and implementation of leadership qualification in the holding company and its subsidiaries to improve the performance of leaders in all disciplines and leadership degrees
  • Supervising the general departments for training in the affiliated companies, following up on their employees, work systems and infrastructure, and providing the necessary technical support to serve the achievement of the strategic objectives of the holding company and its subsidiaries.
  • Planning, managing and implementing the rehabilitation of all employees of the holding company to improve the performance of employees through unified training plans.
  • Implementation remote programs to serve workers in different stations and work sites.