Holding Company for Water and Wastewater Board Members

Dr. Salah El Din Mohamed Bayoumi
Dr. Salah El Din Mohamed BayoumiFull time Board Member
Dr. Ahmed Kamal Moawad
Dr. Ahmed Kamal MoawadFull time Board Member
Eng. Assem Abdullah Shukr
Eng. Assem Abdullah ShukrFull time Board Member
Counselor. Osama Youssef Shalaby
Counselor. Osama Youssef ShalabyCouncil of State vice- president
Dr. Osama Hamdy
Dr. Osama HamdyAdvisor for Minister of Housing for follow-up, projects and utilities
Dr. Mostafa Mohamed Ashmawy
Dr. Mostafa Mohamed AshmawyDr. Professor at Faculty of Engineering- Helwan University
Eng. Ehab Ahmed Khedr
Eng. Ehab Ahmed KhedrChairman of National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage (NOPWASD)
Mr. Mohamed Adel Abdel-Majeed
Mr. Mohamed Adel Abdel-MajeedHead of the Central Administration for Technical Office Affairs- Ministry of Finance
Eng. Hasan Hosny El Far
Eng. Hasan Hosny El FarChairman of Cairo and Alexandria Potable Water and Wastewater Organization (CAPWO)
Mr. Reda Abdel-Hady Ebrahim
Mr. Reda Abdel-Hady EbrahimRepresentative of General Syndicate of Public Utilities Workers - Treasurer of the General Syndicate