Chairman’s Message

There is no life without water; as Allah Almighty said, “We made from water every living thing” [21:30], the HCWW and its subsidiaries bear the primary responsibility of ensuring continuity of life in Egypt.
In order to fulfill this serious responsibility, HCWW and its subsidiaries is keen to achieve the sustainable development goals by planning and implementing an integrated and harmonious system of several axes that have the same degree of importance.
The first axis -the main official mandate of HCWW and its subsidiaries- is the operation and maintenance of facilities of drinking water production and distribution, in addition to collection and treatment of wastewater. However, in response to the current challenges in the water issue, HCWW added two other dimensions in this axis. One dimension is concerned with drinking water, where expansion began in the establishment of seawater desalination plants. Secondly, concerning wastewater; the aim of treatment was previously limited to safe disposal, yet it is currently being treated with the aim of its reuse by applying tertiary treatment techniques.

Eng. Mamdouh Ismail Ahmed Raslan

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