Engineer Dina Omar Suleiman received Chairman of the Water and Wastewater Company in Beni Suef, A delegation from the General Administration of Information Technology in the Holding Company, In order to review the experience of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Company in Beni Suef in the field of information technology and discuss ways of cooperation and transfer of its pioneering experience in the application of integrated financial programs SAP as well as the application of the electronic archiving system and the systems applied in the company’s sectors and information security procedures.

And engineer Dina confirmed, The company is ready to transfer its experience in the field of mechanization and digital transformation to all subsidiaries within the framework of exchanging experiences between companies, through the cadres of the General Administration of Information Technology.

The delegation also reviewed the company’s future plans in this field, as well as what the General Department of Information Technology in Beni Suef Company is doing in terms of cooperation and training for students of some universities on the concepts and mechanisms of information technology.