The issue of awareness and rationalization of water consumption has great interest to the Egyptian state. The citizen awareness of water issues, One of the holding company strategic objectives, Which is intensifying its efforts for this vital file with limited and stable water resources, And the increasing population growth, where it became necessary for all of us to unite efforts to change behaviors and wrong practices in dealing with water, using modern technologies that rationalize water consumption, including water-saving parts, The company, through subsidiaries awareness departments of the affiliated, developed the features of its national plan to rationalize water consumption. and directing awareness messages that are appropriate for different groups of society, and give priority to women and children.

Domains and Activities

The awareness-raising methodology relies on several main axes

The first axis

Increasing citizen awareness of the importance of rationalizing water consumption and maintaining sewage networks

second axis

Strengthening the concept of community participation by building a partnership with civil society organizations, influential popular leaders and the concerned authorities in the country

The third axis

Highlight the state efforts in developing the drinking water and wastewater industry and the role of the holding company and its subsidiaries as an effective system to preserve and develop the sector’s investments to achieve sustainability.