Technical high schools for water and wastewater

Within Holding Company’s interest in developing the technical and scientific capabilities of workers in various disciplines, The technical high schools for water and wastewater was launched in 2007/2008. As one of the important tools for investing in the human element and developing skills, To graduate a generation of trained and specialized technical, For the drinking water and sanitation sector advancement.

The number of technical high schools for water and wstewater reached (7) schools in subsidires companies (Cairo – Beheira – Beni Suef – Menoufia – Assiut – Giza – Alexandria). There are three technical specializations in these schools: (operating and maintaining water and wastewater plants – controlling and quality control of water and wastewater plants – operating and maintaining water and wastewater networks).

It keeps pace with the experience of technical high schools for water and wastewater, wastewater The governorate’s efforts to raise the level of technical education, skill development, Providing trained and specialized technical workers, According to the needs of water and wastewater companies in the governorates of the Republic.

The schools aim to prepare distinguished graduates in the field of water and wastewater. and qualify them to use the latest modern technology, and the subsidiaries companies prioritize the recruitment of fully technical school graduates, and it provides the opportunity for its graduates to join Egyptian universities, and the holding company is also interested in sports and cultural activities. Scientific trips and competitions for school students.

It is considered one of the most important indicators of the success of the technical high schools experience in water and wastewater. its graduates to obtain first place in qualitative technical high education in the three-year system at the level of the Republic. since its establish, The graduation of the first class in 2010/2011, The number of graduates until the academic year 2021/2022 reached 3,170 graduates, and they were assigned to work in the subsidries companies.

There are also dual education classes for water and wastewater in my company (Qena – Red Sea), and graduates of dual education classes have ranked first at the level of the Republic for the years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.