Media Center

Proceeding from the importance of the media in improving the mental and media image of any establishment, forming public opinion and creating collective awareness for the public, The decision of the holding company to establish the media center was issued in 2007. To enhance communication with citizens, And shed light on the services provided by the company and highlight the efforts of the state and its investments and the plans and projects being implemented or in the future to serve the citizens.

The media center works 24 hours a day to monitor and follow up all news related to the housing sector, water and wastewater, which are broadcasted by audio-visual media, electronic media and social media. additionl to filming, editing and preparing documentaries about the company, Also the media center monitors citizens’ complaints received through the various media and responds to them to build strong and honest relationships with citizens.


That the administration reach the leading level of effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of its work by adopting modern administrative methods and techniques, computer systems, developing the skills of employees, and adhering to effective organizational policies, standards and indicators.

And the implementation of plans aimed to achieving mutual understanding between the company and citizens and transfer honest information in order to gain his trust and respect.


Improving the mental image of the company through a targeted and limited media policy and building strong relationships and effective partnerships with media professionals, To emphasize the company’s mission and objectives, And achieving maximum benefit from modern technologies For Speeding the communication with the media, and achieving the best performance rates with the least possible time and effort.


  • Implementation specific media programs to serve the company’s policy and objectives
  • Emphasis on the role that the company plays in serving civil society
  • Building bridges of trust between the company and its internal and external audience
  • Creating awareness and forming public opinion about the importance of water issues
  • Building strong relationships with different media

Media center tasks