HCWW-125 Application

The 125 mobile application is one of the serious steps that company take towards digital transformation. And the winner of the first place in Egypt Government Excellence Award in Innovation and Creativity, Where the company launched the mobile application (HCWW 125), To develop and mechanize water and wastewater services provided to citizens.

The application provides the user with several advantages, The most important is:

  • Receive complaints from citizens related to water and wastewater services, whether water pipes broken, or sewage spurs, or accounting and quality complaints.
  • The ability to send a images through your phone or use phone camera, express a complaint.
  • The ability to accurately determine the location of the complaint on geographical maps.
  • Pay your water bill online.
  • Sending notices about planned and unplanned maintenance works and identifying the timings of water cuts to alert citizens of managing their water needs.
  • Get to know the information and news about the water and wastewater sector.
  • Sending notices about how to rationalize consumption and maintain sewage networks.
  • Submit your suggestion One of the service developing mechanisms through user messages.
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