Consulting Services for Technical Assistance, Design and Engineering Consultant

Improved Water & Wastewater Services Program II (IWSP II)

Service Procurement Notice

Consulting Services for Technical Assistance, Design and Engineering Consultant

Please contact the tender agent by email to register and to receive the complete PQ documents: Tel: +49 6762 960275 (only in case of email problems!)

The prequalification of experienced consultants will follow the latest version of the KfW ”Guidelines for the Assignment of Consultants in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries“.

The Consultant’s main tasks comprise:

  1. Support the implementation and operation of the AC’s “Programme Implementation Units” (PIUs)
  2. Improve the ACs management and operation
  3. Prepare preliminary and detailed designs, ESIAs and cost estimates for the selected investment projects
  4. Carry out procurement of works, goods and services
  5. Supervise the local supervision consultants or carry out the construction supervision
  6. Authorise payments for contractors and consultants
  7. Support and control the defects liability period after physical implementation
  8. Impose occupational health and safety standards on the construction sites

Services shall be provided by an association of international and local consultants. The lead consultant must be an international consultant. The consultant/association must have an average annual turnover of at least 8.000.000 EUR, thereof at least 4.000.000 EUR for the lead consultant.

Deadline for receipt of applications is on Sunday, March 25, 2018, 14:00 local Egyptian time

Improved Water and Wastewater Services Programme II (IWSP II), Egypt. Consulting Services for the Technical Assistance, Design and Engineering Consultant (TADECs) for Lot 1 and 2

International Open Tender

The IWSP II is jointly financed by the Arab Republic of Egypt, the European Union (EU), the Agency Française de Developpement (AFD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Swiss Confederation through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and German Financial Cooperation (KFW)

The Holding Company for Water & Wastewater (HCWW), Egypt

The Improved Water and Wastewater Services Programme II (“IWSP II”) succeeds the ongoing IWSP I. It covers four Governorates Qena, Sohag, Assiut, and Minya in Upper Egypt. The program objective is to ensure appropriate, thoroughly hygienic, efficient and financially sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal in the program areas.

The Programme is composed of

  • An Investment Component to improve the physical infrastructure in the wastewater and water supply sector in the program areas so that services can be provided more efficiently in the future. The component includes:
    • Rehabilitation of existing wastewater treatment plants;
    • Construction of new wastewater treatment plants and associated regional wastewater collection systems (“regional Sanitation Service Clusters”);
    • Expansion of existing wastewater collection systems if this enables the capacity utilisation ratio of existing wastewater treatment plants to be improved, if necessary including house connections;
    • Rehabilitation and expansion of existing drinking water treatment plants;
    • Rehabilitation and restructuring of existing pipes and drinking water supply systems, if necessary including house connections.
  • A Technical Assistance (TA) Component to strengthen the technical and financial capacities of the HCWW and the Affiliate Companies (ACs). The TA component shall create an enabling environment for the execution of the investment component and improve the ACs operational and financial performance.

The technical assistance will be provided by:

  • A Programme Management Consultant (PMC), who will support HCWW’s Programme Management Unit (PMU) in Cairo to properly plan, steer, manage, supervise and document the programme activities. This consultant will also assist the PMU in its reporting obligations.
  • Two Technical Assistance and Design Consultants (TADECs), who will support the HCWW’s Affiliated Companies (AC) of Qena, Sohag, Assiut, and Minya, in planning, tendering the investment projects and ensuring the quality of their IWSP II investment projects. This consultant will also support the ACs Programme Implementation Units (PIUs) in executing all programme management activities for which they are responsible such as technical and financial programme management and supervision, technical and financial reporting. The TADECs will also support capacity building in the ACs in order to improve their operational and financial efficiency.
  • An Operation & Maintenance Consultant (OMC), who may later support the AC in the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure financed under IWSP II

This invitation for Expression of Interest concerns only the services required from the Consulting Services for the Technical Assistance, Design and Engineering Consultants (TADECs) for Lot 1 and 2.

Support the four Program Implementation Units (PIUs) in planning, Design, tendering and ensuring the quality of the construction of the water and wastewater treatment plants, networks (works) and support the Affiliated Companies in all matters of IWSP administration and supervision.