The Consultant’s main tasks comprise:

  1. Support the implementation and operation of the AC’s “Programme Implementation Units” (PIUs)
  2. Improve the ACs management and operation
  3. Prepare preliminary and detailed designs, ESIAs and cost estimates for the selected investment projects
  4. Carry out procurement of works, goods and services
  5. Supervise the local supervision consultants or carry out the construction supervision
  6. Authorise payments for contractors and consultants
  7. Support and control the defects liability period after physical implementation
  8. Impose occupational health and safety standards on the construction sites

Services shall be provided by an association of international and local consultants. The lead consultant must be an international consultant. The consultant/association must have an average annual turnover of at least 8.000.000 EUR, thereof at least 4.000.000 EUR for the lead consultant.